Booking Additional Services


If you require a forklift, please contact and we will do our best to accommodate you. There will be a £70 charge for each lift, subject to availability. Once we have accepted your request, an invoice will be sent from our accounts department. We can only make the life once the invoice is settled. Forklift requests which are not pre-booked cannot be accommodated, as the machinery is used for other jobs on-site. 

            *The lift weight is required before a job can be accepted* 


Electricity must be ordered directly through our official electrical contractor - Project Power 

Book by 30th June to take advantage of Early Bird prices. Prices increase by 20% after 30th June 2024.

Exhibitor link for ordering power

Email: Direct queries or support can be achieved through

Private generators are NOT permitted on site. This policy includes the running of vehicle engines during the show. 

Electric will be available from 09.00 on Thursday 25th July until 18.00 on Sunday 29th July. Electricity will not be available on Monday 29th July. 

Electric orders placed with Project Power after 30th June will be subject to a 20% late booking surcharge. 

Saxby Lighting Tracks will be installed, powered on mains voltage, using warm White LED heads.

Please read Project Powers terms and conditions before placing your order, as these supersede the Exhibitor Manual.

Early bird booking deadline –30th June 2024.

  • Exhibitors may only book electricity through the Organiser’s nominated electrical contractor ‘Project Power’.
  • Private generators are banned on-site. Private generators must not be used anywhere on The Blenheim Estate.
  • Requests for power MUST be submitted before Monday 22nd July.
  • The Organiser gives no guarantee that all power requests will be granted.
  • The accuracy and freedom from fluctuation of voltage cannot be guaranteed. If Exhibitors are planning to use electronic equipment such as TV's or computers, you should consult the supplier of such equipment if in doubt. The Organiser accepts no liability relating to such. 
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that electrical appliances that are placed or stored on their Stand have been P.A.T. tested within the period of 3 months immediately preceding The Game Fair.
  • Open Space Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for a safe means of housing power on their Stand. If a gazebo, mobile unit, or structure is not available, the installation of electrical supply may be delayed or refused.
  • The Exhibitor must make the supply point safe before dismantling their Stand. The Organiser may switch off supply to appliances which they deem to be unsafe or in need of attention. 

Top Tip... 

How to calculate wattage - an easy formula to calculate how many watts you’ll need to order -

Firstly find out how many amps your appliance uses, this can be found in the appliances information book or on the item/label.

Multiply the amps by 240 (UK volts from mains power). Example: A TV uses 1.6 amps -  multiply 1.6 x 240 = 384 watts, so you’ll need a 500watt socket. 

Modifications to Shell Stand Build 

If you require any modifications to your shell stand build you must contact Woodhouse directly Tel - 01159 899 899    Website

Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone Service 


Please note there is no provision for free Wi-Fi on The Blenheim Palace Estate.

Please click on the link below to be directed to Redbox booking form

If your business requires internet connection to take payments etc, we recommend you book internet with our official provider rather than relying on 4G / phone signals.

Wi-Fi is not provided by The Blenheim Palace Estate.

Mobile Phone service -

Information to follow 


The unauthorised use of a CCTV system on your trade stand, or temporary structure is prohibited. If you intend to install a CCTV system, authorisation must be obtained from The Game Fair prior to and work being carried out. When submitting your application, please state your reasons for using a system. If authorisation is granted, you must display signage which is clearly visible and in a prominent position detailing the name of the person or company operating your CCTV system. Operation of CCTV systems should always comply with the Data Protection Act. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Furniture Hire

Thorns Furniture is the official furniture supplier to The Game Fair. Orders should be placed as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can view the full range by visiting Thorns website –

Early bird booking deadline – 14th June 2024

Contact: Susie Davies


Telephone: 0208 801 4444

Thorns are offering Exhibitors a 20% early bird booking discount.


Expires: 14/06/2024


The Game Fair offers several accommodation options for you and your team -

On Your Stand

Parking a caravan or pitching a tent to camp on your stand is acceptable if you keep within the boundary of your pitch. Staying back of house reduces the stress of entering and exiting the site when the roads are busy with visitors. It also improves the security of your stand. If anyone is found camping outside the footprint of their stand, they will be relocated to the campsite and will be charged for the price of a pitch. 

If you are sleeping on your stand, please declare this on your risk assessment.

Exhibitor Campsite

If you do not have room at the rear of your stand, we provide a caravan/campsite within the Blenheim Palace Estate at a discounted rate. You can book camping through the E-Zone please click here to book

Exhibitors are entitled to one campsite booking at a discounted rate of £121.50 (exc VAT) for a 10m x 10m pitch which can accommodate a maximum of six guests. Please click on the link to book – 

Campsite pitch including electrical hook up £219.50 (exc VAT)

Connecting up - Pitches share a power box, so providing you have a 14-15m lead (the normal caravan orange leads are generally sold as 14m lengths)  you should be fine. 

Darwin Escapes - Blenheim Palace Lodge Retreat

Partnering with Blenheim Palace, Darwin Escapes have created a luxurious lodge retreat in the grounds of the Blenheim Estate. The accommodation near Blenheim Palace is the perfect base to experience it all. 


There is a wide selection of hotels in the local area. Woodstock has a lovely selection of hotels to match all budgets. There is a Premier Inn at Kidlington, near Oxford airport which is a short drive away. Travel Lodge have a hotel at Oxford Peartree which is less than 5 miles from Blenheim.

Graphics and Signage

The Game Fair’s official signage and graphics suppliers is Perton Signs. If you would like to discuss your graphics or signage requirements, please contact Perton Signs directly -

Contact Number – 020 8992 5775

Email –

Website -    


PA/ AV/ TV Screens Hire

The Game Fair has partnered with NSR Communications as the official audio-visual provider for 2024. If you require a TV screen for your stand please contact them directly.

16 Caxton Way, Watford Business Park, Watford, Herts, WD18 8UA

Tel: 01923 209640   


Picket Fencing Hire

If you would like to order picket fencing, please contact Simon at - 

Picket and Privacy fence hire

Suppliers to events and shows nationwide

White and Natural picket available

07710 546073

Toilets & Showers

Toilets & Showers

If you require a toilet behind your stand, please contact  where we can connect you with our contractors.

From Monday 22nd July until noon on Thursday 25th July, the only toilets available to exhibitors & contractors are Portaloos. Several blocks of Portaloos are located across the show ground. Mains water connected toilet facilities on the show ground will not be turned-on until noon on Thursday (at the earliest).

A single Exhibitor shower block will be open from Monday 22nd July. The location will be shared closer to the event. 

As part of our sustainability commitment to conserve water, and with too few people on-site to justify opening all the toilet blocks, we restrict access to a small number of toilet and shower facilities until later in the week. We constantly strive to find ways to conserve water and fuel consumption whilst on-site.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Bishop  

The public toilet blocks will open from around midday on Thursday 25th July. Any questions please contact

Showers for Exhibitors 

A central shower block will be available from Monday 22nd July until Monday 29th July. The opening of shower blocks will be staggered during the build-up period. Please note that the Exhibitor shower blocks will be closed during show opening hours to prevent public use.

Any questions please contact

 On-Site Catering 

There will be a limited number of catering facilities available from Monday 22nd July. Pre-show catering units are located in a central position within the show ground – north of the main arena. 

With the exception of official catering units, Exhibitors are prohibited from selling food outside of the Totally Food area. The Gun Makers Pub will be open after show trading until 11pm for late night refreshments. 

Don’t forget to visit our Totally Food area, it's a great place to go for food and drink refreshments.