26 May 2024

Cutting Edge - Falcon Sculpture

Winterburn Fine Art
  • Cutting Edge - Falcon Sculpture
  • Cutting Edge - Falcon Sculpture
Cutting Edge - Falcon Sculpture Cutting Edge - Falcon Sculpture

Artist: Steve Winterburn

Dimensions: 80cm x 70cm x 35cm

Weight: 25kg

Edition Size: 8

Material: Bronze with Stainless Steel

This piece comes as the second addition to the Timeless Collection series, using Steve Winterburn’s dynamic and interactive spinning ellipse system. The falcon sculpture itself is inspired by a sold-out collection that he created many years ago, his falcons have always been best sellers amongst his subjects but the movement in this one stood out even amid those.

Fine tuning and combing this design with the Timeless Collection system just seemed like the perfect match to Steve. Adding the spinning capability to this subject springs the piece to life and really emphasises the explosive nature of these incredible birds, feeling as though you are watching it in full flight. Further to this, the combination creates a narrative of the Timeless Ellipse encapsulating this beautiful creature mid-flight, a moment in time captured perfectly as though a celebration, fitting for the world’s fastest animal.

The finish on the falcon is a lovely blend of smooth sleek textures which catch your eye on the highlighted edges giving the piece a real sense of speed and dynamism, with the more complex tooling adding the delicate feel and elegance of the bird through expressing different textures on the various types of feathering across the body. Steve has balanced his sculpting mastery perfectly with this piece with the details being just enough to create the character and the loose stylising creating movement and flow but not taking too much away from the focal points. It’s a real showstopper and a beautiful piece to step back and enjoy no matter where it is situated.

Price : £20,000