26 Apr 2024

DLUX Massage Chair 3

  • DLUX Massage Chair 3
  • DLUX Massage Chair 3
  • DLUX Massage Chair 3
DLUX Massage Chair 3 DLUX Massage Chair 3 DLUX Massage Chair 3

Massage The DLUX model 3 massage chair features 52 compression airbags around the calves, arms, hips, shoulders and feet with a number of pressure settings. 4x 6D SL-shape track massage rollers massage the upper and lower back, glutes, shoulders and neck. Specialised reflexology feet rollers aid blood circulation and reduce aches or pains. 

Numerous massage techniques and intensity settings all of can be easily customised from a touch screen pad or by the AI voice command system. The massage rollers can be moved in all directions and in a variation of speeds to massage a specific point on your body of your choosing that may require more attention. 

The Zero gravity mode allow you to have the ultimate massage experience tilting your entire body to a weightless position, taking tension away from your feet, back and shoulders as well as helping blood circulation.

Bluetooth speakers in head rests allow you to listen to music, podcasts, audio books or watch movies/videos to really help you relax whilst receiving a rejuvenating massage.

Heat therapy around the lower back, waist and calves accelerates muscle recovery and helps soften stiff muscles. It is also very beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic pain, rheumatism, and arthritis.