06 May 2024

The Femme Country Annual Subscription

Femme Magazine

The Femme Country Magazine Annual Subscription gives you the opportunity to receive each issue, released on a quarterly basis, direct to your desired address each season. Each magazine is a window into new collections for the upcoming season, contemporary stories, unique style edits, delicious recipes and so much more! The Annual Subscription allows you to remove any reminders you may have in your calendars to purchase each issue at a time and gives you access to the newest issue release as soon as it launches. 

At only £29.99 the Annual Subscription price includes full postage costs for the entire year and includes the cost of your magazines, originally at £5 sold separately. Each Subscription will commence from the most recent issue released however, if you’re wanting to start from a specific copy don’t hesitate to drop us an email/direct message and we shall make sure this is altered for you. 

As well as receiving each seasonal magazine to your doorstep, as a Subscriber you will benefit from all of our unique inclusivity’s from in copy competitions, to brands offers and early bird access to any future events that we host at Femme Country Magazine. Don’t hesitate to get your name onto our list and become part of the community today as a Femme Country Magazine Subscriber.