19 Mar 2024

HikMicro Habrok HQ35 Multispectral Thermal Imaging

Scott Country International

HikMicro Habrok HQ35L thermal binoculars feature an advanced multi channel compact binocular which is perfect for wildlife observation, deer stalking, vermin control and security. With a highly sensitive sub 20mK NETD 640x512 thermal sensor, delivering up to 1800m detection range with 3x to 24x variable magnification with Zoom Pro which actively rebuilds the image as you zoom, with minimal pixelation to deliver high mag thermal like never before.

Anyone who has used traditional optical binoculars will feel instantly at home with the Habrok, they are exactly the same size and weight. Not only can they show your surroundings in the conventional optical image the Habrok includes many extra functions to help you see even more.

Where the Habrok excels is in functionality. The high quality optical camera delivers a detailed, full colour daylight image that automatically adjusts in twilight hours to deliver exceptional performance in low light. Even total darkness will not stop you; the inbuilt night vision capability adds another dimension to your wildlife observation. 

The real super-power of the Habrok is the built in thermal camera. Animals and birds have evolved to be perfectly concealed in their surroundings, but this technology uses the body heat of animals to allow you to quickly locate them.

The Habrok uses the latest SUB 20mK NETD HIKMICRO thermal sensor to deliver a highly detailed thermal image. This high performance sensor is able to measure the smallest differences in temperature, building an unbelievably detailed image of heat sources and their surroundings.

Once you have used thermal detection to locate the animals, you can switch back to the optical mode, with up to 400m viewing range at night with the built in IR and up to 2600m detection range in thermal mode.