21 Mar 2024

Plastic Sheet Piling

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THE Plastic Piling Company Limited is the UK leading supplier of plastic sheet piling. Plastic sheet piling consists of interlocking structural sheet piles made from recycled PVC.  They are used in a very diverse range of applications including retention, reinforcement, exclusion, and hard edges.   More specifically flood barriers, flood walls, cut off walls, breach repairs, ditch blocking, dam structures, scour and erosion control, cess support, pest control barrier and revetments.

The combination of long lasting recycled material with applications that need long terms solutions is extremely environmentally sound.

Our products have been used on the waterways, railways and highways throughout the UK. Used successfully by major civil engineering contractors, waterways contractors, volunteers, and the DIY market.

Isn’t plastic a bad thing? This is something we hear very often, and it is true that over the years plastics have developed a bad environmental reputation. Be this in terms of the chemical by-products produced during the manufacture of the material or simply through the inappropriate use of these excellent long-lasting materials, in very short term applications. The shorter the use, the longer the material spends as waste; the build-up and ultimate uncontrolled breakdown of this waste does cause huge environmental issues. 

PVC is one of the most widely used polymers in the world, found application in a wide array of industrial, technical, and household uses, most typically the manufacture of profiles such as windows. PVC has inherent sustainability characteristics. It is made from common rock salt (57%) and hydrocarbons from oil (43%) making it far less oil dependent (with a lower carbon footprint) than other major thermoplastics. It is highly durable and energy efficient across a range of applications and is also highly resource efficient. 

The biggest environmental concerns with PVC are all based around its first production, due to the high chlorine content. In terms of reuse only around 3% of waste PVC is recycled, and as such this creates a huge waste issue. 

Therefore it is essential we look to recycle as much of this material as possible, and focus that recycled product to applications that need longer term solutions. If we use recycled PVC, we are not producing the chemical nasties and at the same time we are actively using up waste plastics. already exists and we have a waste issue which we need to address; in an appropriate and responsible way. Plastic sheet piling is exactly that, using waste PVC in applications that needs long term solutions.

Sheet piles, timbers posts etc do not install themselves, every time you install such the process will naturally create plastic waste, from synthetic clothing to plastic wear components on the equipment. The more often you install a retaining, scour, flood, exclusions system the more energy you use and the more waste you produce.
Focus on products that last longer, will reduce the waste produced, and using recycled plastics reduces the waste we have. For example replacing a softwood structure, with plastic piling and use timber fascia, which provides a long terms structural solutions with the more easily maintained fascia.

THE Plastic Piling Company in one form or another has been involved with plastic piling in the UK for over 25 years. With a background and expertise in pile driving equipment, the focus of the range, is on products that can be installed efficiently; using regular pile driving equipment. Our range now provides a wide choice of Z, U and advanced plastic piling, sourced from wide range of suppliers throughout the world.