05 Jun 2024


West & Jones Stand: E1144
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  • Playcoat
Playcoat Playcoat

Wounds are one of the main reasons for an unexpected visit to the vet, for dogs, costing an average of £300.11 to treat (2022)- depending on the severity.

Our mission is to minimise injuries, introducing the Playcoat- the safety dog coat, made from fabric- 5x stronger than steel. West & Jones's original Playcoat provides the best protection from our collections. Blend an ordinary dog coat with armour to create a safety coat suited for any environment your dogs find themselves in.

Combining the latest technology in high-performance fabric and new ways of recycling plastics into fabric the Playcoat provides a comfortable daily coat for your dog.

From park to peak the Playcoat holds its own and is here to minimise cuts, scraps, punctures, and bites from injuring your dog. The perfect coat, is designed for the safety of your dog in mind.