16 Apr 2024


Aquatic Solutions

Over time, sludge builds up in every pond, an accumulation of things like leaves, dead microorganisms, feed residue and fish excrement.

This organic material can lead to decomposition.

The water starts to become cloudy and develops an unpleasant smell. This decomposition always ends up limiting the water’s dissolved oxygen content.

After many years of accumulation, through a natural process involving the plants growing next to the pond, the pond silts up.

With SchlixX, you can free your fish farming pond from sludge and deposits – the easy way!

The patented mineral combination actively oxidises the sediment layer, breaking it down. It binds heavy metals and other substances toxic to fish, along with phosphates, the staple food of algae.

The result? A visible shrinking of the sludge layer and effective prevention of algal blooms.

Foul smells are immediately neutralised and the quality

of the fish flesh is improved. Pond plants lose their grip and come directly to the surface.


50 g of SchlixX per 1 m² of sludge.

For particularly heavy sludge deposits or thick growth of reeds, rushes or cattail, we recommend SchlixX Plus.