30 May 2024

The Craft

African Waters

The Craft presents a film about Gordon Van Der Spy, “The feather mechanic”, a master fly tyer who gives us his thoughts and philosophy on the craft of fly fishing and his passion for fly tying. Shot on location at the African Waters, Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho a country in the highlands of Southern Africa. The film is the seminal story on the small mouth yellowish of the Bokong river. Beautifully shot by Owen Bruce, with a stunning soundtrack by Alun Richards , it will take you on a journey into the majestic mountain rivers of Lesotho, home to the incredible golden slabs of small mouth yellowfish who inhabit the crystal clear waters, always ready to eat a well presented fly. Gordon Van Der Spuy hosts trips to this spectacular venue. If you would like to experience this epic fly fishing experience please get in touch by clicking on the link below: https://africanwaters.net To download the soundtrack, please click on the link below: https://distribute.avid.com/share/MTA... Gordon van der Spuy @the_feather_mechanic on Instagram.