26 Mar 2024

Koy Clothing - Brand Story Video

Koy Clothing

Their designs seamlessly blend tradition and innovation to redefine the gentleman’s classic wardrobe. Their pieces are crafted with precision and adorned with eye-catching Kenyan Kikoy fabric detailing, creating one-of-a-kind styles. The brand was founded in 2016 by two African born and raised brothers, Alastair and Jimmy Scott.

From growing up in Kenya, they were surrounded by the stunning striped Kikoy fabric. It was a dream of theirs to show the world Kenya’s bright and beautiful culture in an empowering and luxurious way, and Kikoy struck them as the perfect way in which to do this…

Their designs combine authentic Kenyan Kikoy fabric with classic menswear. From the moment their first blazer was stitched, they made a promise to give over 20% of profits to charity projects within Kenyan communities, helping the people, the place, and the wildlife. Koy have SUCCESSFULLY DONATED £50,000 so far, Including £30,000 (6million KSH) over the last 3 years with the final £10,000 paid in 2024. This is only just the beginning, with many more projects to come...