30 May 2024

Makhangoa Community Camp - Lesotho

African Waters

The Makhangoa Community Camp is the first of its kind flyfishing ecotourism project in the area. Both the camp, and fishery on the Bokong River, is managed and run by African Waters along with the Makhangoa Tourism Council.

The aim of the partnership is to provide sustainable and beneficial tourism to the area, while conserving the natural resources which attract anglers and eco tourists to this beautiful valley. Proceeds of all visitors’ bookings (through a daily community levy) are allocated to community benefaction projects, with the aim to uplift and enable the local community to live happier and healthier lives.

Apart from the daily community levies generated from each visitors stay, the camp trains and employs local staff in all aspects of camp life and management. From camp managers, river rangers and cultural guides, to cleaning ladies and maintenance staff.